Taken from my collection over the years

Clare Journal Oct. 2nd 1837 Murder at Cranny

A man named Daniel Kane was returning home in company with his daughter from the fair of Kilmihil, on the 28 ult. They were sitting in a car when they were met on the road near Cranny Bridge by a man. The daughter was sitting with her face towards the horse. She saw the man near the horse's head, pull his hat on his face and pass her, and immediately heard a noise as if from a blow, and on looking back she perceived her father on the ground. In a few moments some persons came up, and assisted to bring him to a neighbours house, where he died in a few hours. Before those persons came up the individual leaped over the ditch and disappeared. An inquest was held by Mr. Whitestone, and from the evidence of Dr. O'Grady, it appeared the deceased received a blow from some blunt weapon on the left temple, which was fractured extensively, to which he attributes the death of this poor inoffensive man. The jury, without hesitation, foound a verdict against some person unknown.

Clare Journal Oct. 12th 1837

Lord Mulgrave offers 50 reward for discovery of the murderer of Daniel Kane of Kildysart, returning from the fair of Kilmihil a few days since.



Dispute over Racehorse (Clare Journal Oct 1892)
An extraordinary dispute has occurred over a well known racehorse on the Irish turf, Lady Ellen 11, which was forcibly taken possession by a number of men while in the trainer's and part owner's premises at Knockroe, Labasheeda and given over into the hands of the other part owner. The mare was purchased some twelve months ago from the representatives of the late Mr. Richard Stackpoole, Edenvale by Mr. John Leyden, Drumquin and Michael Murphy, Knockroe, and an arrangement was entered into regarding her training and keeping by the latter. There was some dispute lately, and Mr. Leyden demanded possession of Lady Ellen from Mr. Murphy, who, however, a few weeks ago declined. Mr. Leyden, with fourteen young men, taking Murphy by surprise, entered the trainer's stables at 8 0'clock on Sunday morning and after loud protestations on the part of Murphy, forcibly, it is further alleged, took away the mare. Murphy having called to the nearest police station, gave information, but the police did not see their way to interfere. The mare is at present in the stables of Mr. John Carmody V.S. Ennis and will be put up for auction to disolve partnership shortly.



Clare Journal August 1898

Explosion at the Five Crosses

Bridget Ryan, aged twelve years, daughter of Michael Ryan, at whose house the calamitous explosion occurred on Friday night, succumbed to her injuries, after intense suffering, at the Kildysart Workhouse Hospital on Tuesday evening. Another of the injured family, Mrs. Margaret Ryan, was removed to the hospital on Tuesday. She is severely burned about the arms and face, through her truly heroic action, prompted by a strong maternal instinct and love, in a second time rushing through the raging flames to the rescue of her youngest child, who was lying helpless in an inner apartment. Michael Ryan, the father is still in a critical condition, and it will be some days yet before he can be pronounced out of danger. The greatest sympathy is felt with sorely afflicted family, and already it has taken practical shape in the rebuilding of the house, in which numbers of their neighbours have been engaged since Saturday. A public subscription in aid of the family, which is a large one, is talked of, and it is not too much to say that no more deserving case has ever appealed to the people of West Clare. On Tuesday Dr. William Sexton, Coroner, held an inquest touching the death of Bridget Ryan at the relieving Officer’s Office at the Kildysart Workhouse. A jury was sworn in and the head Constable Carden represented the police authorities. Michael Ryan, whose examination took place in the hospital, deposed he bought the powder which caused the explosion, at Brews in Kilrush on Friday. It was ten pounds of blasting powder and he had no order for it. When he came home about 11 o’clock he laid it on the floor. The paper bag in which it was burst and he was gathering it up together when a spark from the candle he held in his hand ignited the powder. There was an explosion and he remembered no more.


Clare Journal July 1865

Agricultural Society Winner

Mr. Edward Power of Erribul, tenant to Lord Leconfield, obtained the second prize in the green crop competition in connection with the West Clare Agricultural Society. The first prize was awarded to Mr. George Copeland.

Clare Journal 1876

Teaching Vacancy In Kildysart

Mr. Michael Reidy, for some years principal teacher of Coolmeen National School, has been a successful candidate in the recent competition for the situations as out-door officer in the Customs. A vacancy thus been created in the above school, a number of persons are already seeking the office. We understand that the Secretary of the Kildysart National Teachers’ Association, Mr. Hehir is a candidate for the situation referred to and it is expected that this esteemed young teacher will be appointed. The gift is in the hands of the Rev. B. Scanlan, P.P., Kilfiddane.

Clare Journal July 1895

Tenant Re-Instated

An evicted tenant named James Galvin has been reinstated in his farm at Coolmeen for which he was evicted last year by the Count de Boissi for non payment of rent. It is stated that a large amount of arrears has been wiped out and that the tenant has resumed possession under a substantially reduced rate.

Clare Journal May 1875

Tragic Accident

A melancholy accident occurred on Friday to Mr. McMahon, civil bill officer, who was accidentally shot through the leg by a gun belonging to a man in Kilmurry McMahon while on duty executing a quarter sessions decree. The leg was amputated last night.

Clare Journal December 1861

Daring Outrages

On Monday last the Protestant Church of Kilmurry-McMahon was broken into and a surplice stolen there from. Fortunately, there was no other available property within reach of the miscreants. The surplice was picked up in a field near the church, the following day. A similar burglarious attempt we have been informed (probably by the same party) was made on the Protestant Church of Kilkee, on Thursday night. A house belonging to a man named Kean, living in the village of Kilkee, on the same night was forcibly entered, and some money abstracted therefore. The burglars have escaped the vigilance of the police up to the present.


Extraordinary Occurrence At Labasheeda (Clare Journal July 1898)

On Monday the village of Labasheeda was thrown into a ferment of excitement when it became known that a terrible domestic tragedy had been narrowly averted that morning owing to the courageous action of Dr. Vaughan who faced great personal risk in his encounter with the alleged would-be suicide. A newly married man, who lives in the village, took down a double-barrelled loaded gun from its rack and remarked to his wife that he was going to shoot himself or somebody else. He was at the time suffering from the effects of drink, and she immediately grappled with him, at the same time shouting for help. The Doctor, who happened to be passing, rushed in, and seeing the imminent danger in which the parties stood, he seized the man and brought him to the ground, the gun at the same time exploding in the midst of the three, but as the doctor had forced the barrell’s downwards the contents were discharged into the floor. But for the prompt intervention of Dr. Vaughan the lives of both Halloran and his wife might have been lost. Fortunately, and it seems almost by a miracle, both they and the doctor escaped unscratched. The man was placed under arrest and having been brought before a magistrate was remanded for eight days.

Saturday Record September 24th 1887.


On Sunday night the Cranny Bridge National School, situated about midway between Kildysart and Kilrush, was burned to the ground inconsequence of some alleged ill feeling towards the teacher, Mr. Cunningham, recently on the eve of the Results Examination, the account books were stolen from the desks of the School causing all the teachers the loss of most results for the year.

November 1868 – Case Of Shooting

At Knock Petty sessions a fortnight ago, a coachman in the employment of Captain Studdert, Clonderlaw was charged with having fired the contents of a gun at a young woman, wounding her in the arm. The prosecutrix, who is an interesting person aged about twenty one, deposed that on the day in question, about twilight, she had been standing at her father’s door when she received a wound from a shot fired from behind a hedge. The brother of the prosecurrix gave corroborative testimony and after several other witnesses had been examined, the bench refused to grant information as they believed there had been no serious intent.

Clare Journal Thursday August 17th 1893
On Sunday last, the rival claims of Killofin (Labasheeda) and Kilmurry McMahon, clubs were again on the tapis and a match played which resulted in favour of Labasheeda scoring a point against their oponents. The rendezvous was at Cullina a pituresque locality situated some three furlongs north of the village of Labasheeda. At 4.30 O'Clock the ball was tossed, up, and each man working with all his might. No score was made however during the first half-time. On changing the alteration seemed to infuse more spirit into the Labasheeda men who held their own to the end, 'till they scored a point as mentioned. Mr. Walsh of Coolmeen acted as referee.
Clare Champion January 12, 1937
Teas specially imported direct from Tea gardens.

Saturday Record, May 24th 1919
Rory O'Moore by Tom Steele dam by Uncas, is a Chestnut Horse 16.2 high with immense bone and substance, standing on the shortest of legs, with powerful loins, quarters and hocks, and is passed sound by several Veterinary Surgeons.
Rory O'Moore won 1st prize, Ennis 1907; 1st, Limerick 1908; 1st & 2nd Ennis 1908; 1st Kilrush 1908; 2nd Gort 1908; v.h.c. Limerick 1909; 2nd Ennis 1909; 1st Kilrush 1909; 1st Gort 1909; 1st Ennis 1916; 1st Kilrush 1916; 1st Ennis 1917; 1st Kilrush 1917; 1st Ennis 1918;
His dam the Champion Prize Winner had over 40 prizes to her credit, including Clare, Limerick and Galway.
The Sire will stand this season at Owner's Stables, Moyralla, Coolmeen.
Terms: Farmers Mares, 2; Gentlemens Mares 3; Grooms Fee 2s-6d
                                             John Greene owner.

Saturday Record Sept. 15th 1888
Amusements at Erribul
A quadrille party,promoted by a number of young residents in Aylroe and neighbourhood near Kildysart was brought to a very successful conclusion at the Effernan schoolrooms, on Friday night last.  the invitations were rather numerous and the attendance large the 'fair sex' being well represented.  The programme, whch included some songs form the committee, en masse, was admirably got through.  The music was well rendered by Messrs Glynn and miers, while the catering conducted by Mr. Miniter, was all that could be desired.  The committee which consisted of Messrs Jas. and M. Munningham, Aylrue Cottage; P.J. Power, Erribul; S.A. Reidy and J.P. Glynn, Shanahea & C; deserve to be congratulated on the thorough success of the party, which terminated only in the small hours of the morning and wound up with "Auld lang Syne" sung by the committee - Cor.