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Hello    12th Sept 2007

Your website v good.

Do any of you know anything about my grandmother's brother Matty Markham, from Markhams at Ennistymon? He was a rebel and was imprisoned by the British.i'd v much like to know more about him.

God bless.Fiona Cullen-Skowronski

PS: My grandmother was Peggy Markham, born around the end of the nineteenth century.


Thank you for keeping us up to date on the Power Family activities back home in Clare. It makes Gerry feel like he is back home with his clan - we really appreciate your website - great job!

Gerry and Annette Power, U.S.A  3/7/2007   Erribul & U.S.A

Hi Paul,

 Just wanted to drop you a line, to say that the website is excellent. I really love reading all the local news and seeing the pictures of the social nights out.It makes the distance between here and home alot less when I'm reading all the different stories.Keep up the good work and your effort is appreciated! Sinead,John and Aine Brady in Canada. 18/4/2007

Dear Paul, As I gazed in wonderment at your valuable research . and read with distress at the treatment metered out to thousands of innocent people a sense of Injustice consumed me and I was inspired to find out more out my husbands ancestors. Being just a beginner I wondered if you would be kind enough to post a message regarding Andrew Micheal Markham born Kirlrush< about l810.  We are looking for his ancestors and his descendants.  We know that two of his children Patrick born l829 married Maria Hagney in 1856 in Australia. And Martin Micheal (the line I am interested in) married first to Bridget in l856 and then Elizabeth Anne in1866.  Martin came to Australia in l851 on the Emperor”  Patrick came to Australia 6 months later on “ St. Vincent”Accompanying them were Bridget and Mary and we think they may be the sisters.  There is no record of Andrews wife but her name may be Bridget.  Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you and good luck to all your family. Your ancestors you have recorded would be proud of you – a true Irish son.  Carolyn Markham     18/4/2007

I would be interested in hearing from anybody who is related to the Halloran family from Moyfadda. In 1901 the family consisted of Bridget the mother and three children Michael, Bridget and Mary. This is for genealogical purposes.

 Thank You

 Joe Hannon

Cranford,NJ   (18/4/2007)

Hello Paul,
Greetings from Murroe, Co. Limerick (Home of the Glenstal Abbey Monks.). Just got Broadband into our house here and Collette and Noel have told me so much about your site, I decided tonight to check it out for myself. I note that my uncle Br. Pat Madigan (now in Africa and hopefully coming home for good towards end of 2007 and also my good brother Derek) have already signed your guest book.. Paul well done on your work with this site and all the best for the future..
Pat Madigan Jnr. (Murroe, Co. Limerick) 2nd February 2007.


  Dear Mr. Markham,
      Thank you for all your dedication and efforts on your website. You'll
      never know how much it means to people who have left the area, recently and generations ago. 
 I fall into the latter category. My great-grandmother was Margaret Foley  of Erribul, whose parents were Henry and Susan/Joanna Cuggeran (she of Cloonsnaughta). Margaret emigrated in 1882, yet I have located only one  Foley descended from the same line still living in Clare, Tim Foley of Clonola, Kildysart. The O'Neills, Sean and Maeve, of Erribul are connected to the same Foleys, and I've met them and Mrs. O'Neill. I wonder if any other Foleys in and about the area might be descended from  a connected family? Henry had a brother Patrick who married another Cuggeran sister (the Clonola Foleys are his line), and likely another brother Denis who married Ellen Kinnane, who had two sons at least, George and Martin. I noticed the photo of Maeve and Catherine Foley recently on  your Breaking News page, which brought this question to my mind...
      Thanks very much,
      Jeanne Foley Dwyer
      Evansville, Indiana, USA 23/11/2006

   HI UNCLE PAUL :D! very nice site. hope everythings going well over there!   - have fun!   Sinead Markham. Brisbane, Australia.20/11/2006

      Mr. Markham,
         Upon doing a internet search of my grandfather, Michael Falahee, I came  across your article. I must commend you on both the breadth of your piece and the overall effort made to reveal information that not only I but  several members of my family found intriguing.  You stated that the gun used by my grandfather during the War of Independence was recovered. Do you have any idea of its whereabouts today.  Also, would you happen to know where I could find a recorded copy of the song "The Battle of Tullycrine?" Any information you could give me would be immensely appreciated. Thank you for your time. 
        Kevin Michael Falahee 8th Nov 2006        U.S.A

   Dear Mr Markham,
      I have been on your website which I think is brilliant. 
      I am looking for information regarding my great grandparents Patrick &
      Catherine Hanrahan nee Chambers who married in 1876 in the Chapel of  Cooraclare.  They had six children, one of whom was my grandmother.
       Also, I am looking for a Patrick Neylon who worked in Scotland as a
      Steelworker the early 1900's.
        I am struggling with Patrick Hanrahan's parents. No mother's name only fathers's - Connor.  I cannot go back further without this information.
        Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Best Wishes,
      Anne Darroch 3/10/2006

      I loved all the wonderful stories and information on the website. 
      Congratulations on a facinating look back at history.
      I wondered if anybody could give me any information about the place name
      "Caradotia" - I think it might have been on the Vandeleur Estate.
      Thank you.
      Maeve Pritchard -  July 4th 2006


      Dear Mr. Markham,   22 July 2006
          I stumbled across this website during a search for my County Clare
      Markham ancestors. Wonderful site and fantastic photos!
         I also read your family history page but, unfortunately, it did not go
      back far enough for me to ascertain whether or not my Markham's are also  yours. Perhaps you may be able to help?
          My search begins with James Markham, born 1808 and died 15 Jan. 1907. He was married to Catherine O'Loughlin, born 1844 and died 14 Jan 1925 They lived in Ennistymon, Co. Clare. Their house, eventually taken over and rebuilt by their son, Patrick, still stands in Newtown, Ennistymon.
      Their children were:
      John - born July 1858
      James - born January 1861
      Michael - born July 1863
      Margaret - born April 1866
      Susan - born August 1867 (?)
      Patrick - born June 1870
      Mary Anne - born February 1873
      Catherine - born July 1875
      Catherine Frances - born 05 August 1886 (This was my grandmother)
          If you have any information to share with me, I would greatly
      appreciate it.
                                                   Kathleen - USA


      Hi Paul,
                  Have you ever wondered what it is like visiting Ireland,
      either for the first time, or returning to the homeland when possible? 
      Hope you enjoy the following, It's probably too long to print.
                       We fell in love with Ireland.
      The morning sun was rising. The earth was dark and cold.
      Across the broad horizon the wonders soon unfold.
      Dublin on the Liffey rising towards the sky.
      We fell in love with Ireland, as the morning sun went by.
      The winding roads through Wicklow can take you anywhere,
      Killarney lakes so pretty, or the the Curragh in Kildare.
      Cruising down the Shannon, Oh! Limerick what a view.
      Tonight we sleep in Beds Of Silk, Lab'sheeda we love you.
      Oh, Emerald Isle of beauty, the rarest I have seen.
      On the roads 'round Derryguiha, I strolled with my colleen.
      Dan Furey Fest was crowded, We danced the Cashel set.
      We came to visit Ireland, just cannot leave it yet.
      There are football games in Kerry, hurling games in Clare.
      Galway, Mayo, Sligo, there's music everywhere.
      There's soccer up in Donegal, there's fishing in Loughrea.
      If you take your cares to Ireland, they'll just wash'em out to sea.
      Oh, Waterford so famous, your crystal is so clear.
      In County Cork, the Blarney Stone, we kissed it without fear.
      Tonight we dine at Templebar, and have a pint or two.
      It's time to visit Ireland if you're feeling kind of blue
      The golden sun is setting, the daily chores are done.
      I hear the sounds of music, the night has just begun.
      We still remember Dublin, rising towards the sky.
      We fell in love with Ireland,  and it's hard to say goodbye.
      We fell in love with Ireland and It's hard to say goodbye.
 by H.Keane (Labasheeda) 14 July 2006


      My mother, NORA McINERNEY went to Coolmeen School. She was born in 1920 and is still alive, living in Liverpool.
     Are their any records of her at school?
      Her parents were Michael and Susan (nee KELLY). If anyone has any
      information on them, I'd be grateful.
       RegardsTONY DUNN  28th April 2006
      (My e-mail is

      I have just seen your site and would like to say how much I enjoyed it.
      I mixture of past and current events , almost like living history.
      I am a Clancy with roots in Kilrush so I was particularly interested in
      your item on Peadar Clancy, I do not know if he was a relation.
      I live in France and am married to a French lady, however we are both very interested in the Irish side of the family.   My great grand father was
      James Clancy carpenter, who lived in Kilrush in the middle of the
      nineteenth century. My grand father was also a James Clancy, born in 1875  he was also a carpenter and the undertaker in Kilrush, his first son (my  uncle) was also a James clancy,  the town clerk. My father was Patrick James Clancy, a carpenter, he left for England in the thirties.
      I am sorry that my direct links with Ireland broke with the death of my
      father in 1981, 
 I am glad to see that your family is big and strong and continuing to grow best regards    Malcolm Patrick Clancy 30th April 2006

      I am trying to find a website in Labasheeda if possible.  My ancestors
      (and a few living relatives are from there -  I am doing a
      family tree and am interested in Bermingham Murphy and
      Peter Connell's families, I was in Ireland in 1967 and visited a cemetary that had their grave stones but was hoping to find census information if possible. My grandmother and her three sisters came to the US in the late 1800's and  their cousin Katie Murphy Hospal also around that time period.
       Do you know of anyone I can contact?
       Thank you,Peggy Liddy 23rd April 2006

      Please extend our very best to your mother and father on their diamond   jubilee it is wonderful to see them hail and hearty and we wish them many  more happy healthy years together. Your web site is brilliant i think my mother is in that photo you have on coomeen school (Teresa Clancy)

      Hi Paul,
      Happy St. Patrick’s day to all in Kilmurry Mc Mahon and especially in
      Carniskey!! Your site is an excellent information source when you  are          living away from home…Well done Paul.  
      Nicola Keogh
      Luxembourg SA.

      Hello Paul
      Thank you for the wonderful web site. Keep up the good work we will check  in every Monday for the latest !!
      Deirdre Conway Sheila O'Connell and Siobhan Farrell.
      Happy New Year. Jan 2006

      Dear Mr. Markham,
          We truly love your site, and all the information it provides. My wife
      is Mary Sullivan, nee Crehan , of Kilkerrin, Labasheeda, County Clare.  
Your site provides current information, and we first learned of her
      nephew, Steven Crehan's engagement on your site. Hope you can keep up the good work. Can we help support your efforts? Please advise.
       Dan and Mary Sullivan, U.S.A.  13/12/2005

      I found your web site and saw a family research question and I was hoping you could post mine I am doing some family research on the Malone family from Shanneka More and I am hoping something might ring a bell to your readers. I took an add out in the Clare Champion several years ago and received back two responses. One was from a Michael McMahon of Cork who told me his mother Ann Malone was part of the family I was looking for. Michael's brother
      Sean died a few years ago in Cahercon, I visited the area that summer, but  he was already gone. Another woman responded but unfortunetly I lost her name and number. Here is the information, my great grandmother Mary Malone was born in 1854 to Patrick Malone and Susan Houlihan. She was baptised in St. Michaels in   Kilyderst. She came to America with her brother's Michael, Patrick and  Thomas. Her brother John stayed in Clare and married Sarah Hehir, Sarah's  father was named Martin. At least five of their children came to New  Jersey. I know a son Michael stayed in Ireland. The other children Mary,  Patrick and Susan, I don't know what happened to them.  My great grandmother's father Patrick had a brother named Thomas. This Thomas had a son also named John who  married a Mary Grady in 1877 in Kilmurry-McMahon. Her father was named Patrick. This couple had about ten children, three of which came to New Jersey the remaining one's were name Patrick, Michael, Alice, Susan and Ann. 
        When I was in Clare I was told the two Michaels were called Sarge Malone and Tailor  Malone. Also one of them was a foster father to John Haugh the  famous wood carver. I would be greatful if this sounds familar to anyone and they would
      Thank You
      Joe Hannon
      111 Elm St.
      Cranford, Nj
      07016 24th Sept 2005.


      Hi Paul, hope all and everybody is well. Please tell Jack and Mary and
      everyone I was asking for them. Haven’t been down for a few years –
      Michael and Finn are always too busy hurling to go anywhere else! Your  website is brilliant, great to find out what everyone is up to, keep up
      the good work. Can I ask a favour? I’ve been trying to get my hands on the 2005 edition of ‘The Other Clare’ because it has an article on excavations related to  my research (Irish Iron Age burials): ‘Archaeology on the route of the Ennis Bypass’ [this might have been written by Graham Hull]. UCD library don’t have a copy yet, would you happen to have one that you might  photocopy those pages for me from? No worries if you don’t, i’m sure one will turn up eventually.
      I have a few sites in and around Clare I must visit sometime during the
      next year, maybe we could have a pint? All the best, Tiernan.
      Tiernan McGarry
      Department of Archaeology
      University College Dublin 24th Sept 2005.

      -- G'day Paul,
      Greetings from Australia! My name is Niamh McDonagh. My mum comes from
      near the village of Knock. My great grandfather, James King, owned
      Oaklands. I would like to know if you have any history on THE BENNETTS who
      were the former owners? Mum loves reading about the local news and gossip!
      Thanks for a job well done, 10/8/05

      Hi Paul,      
'Took some time out this morning to look at your's a credit
      to you & a tribute to the Markham family the great work you are doing.  It  is a wonderful resource for West Clare people now residing far from home  who like to keep in touch with local happenings.
      I was in South Africa in April 2005 & saw a number of men's clothing
      outlets bearing the name 'Markham', any connection to the Derryguiha
      I hear you have yet another local history book published...
      Keep up the good work
      Best wishes
      Angela Galvin
      Templemore, Co. Tipperary 29/7/2005


      Paul Markham,
       Congratulations! I just received your book from Mary (Val) McMahon,
      Clondrina. It's a lovely book so well turned out even to a beautiful back cover picture I haven't been able to contact you since our meeting.
       It's really great to have local history coming into its own in this way,
      neglected so long for what ever reasons.
                       Yours sincerely,
                            Mick Larkin, Mullinahone, Co. Tipp. June 05.

      Just finished your book on the life and times of T.J. Ryan. I really
      enjoyed it. The local place and family names made each page come to life,rolling back the years as a little piece of history was recorded for future  generations. In this era of materialism we in Coolmeen are lucky to have some one who still finds the time to research and record the history of  our area. Looking forward to your next book!!!!!!!!! Desmond Murphy.

      Hello Paul,
      Very interesting website.  Will pass on to some people here in Chicago       from Cranny.
     ....... Eileen (Coffey)McLaughlin, Chicago Illinois. May 2005.

   Hello, I am related to the McGraths of Cranny. My Mothers name is Mary
      (maiden name Mcgrath). My Uncle Sean Stil lives on the house she was born  in .It is up the hill Near the church. In fact as I am writing this, My other uncle is there visiting. His name is Michael Mcgrath.  I love your
      site.  Thanks for your work on it.   My name is Ellen named after my
      grandmother.  Ellen Lala  11/5/2005

      i want to thank you for your interesting site. i have my father martin
      mcgrath and his friend john hanrahan both from kilmurry mcmahon on one of  the first tape players about 1970 singing " the hills of tullycrine". i have been  trying to verify the words and the actual battle for quite some time . my  dad would be 100 years old, if alive. i contacted another elderly clare man, john
      hartigan here in buffalo new york and he knew the people in the song but  not the  actual song so you have provided the complete story. my daughter found your site and the song and we both thank you.
      regards mary mcgrath klier 11th May 2005.

Hi Paul, what a great web-site really interesting, keep up the great work. Kind regards, Jean Brann. 10/5/2005

  Hi Paul,
      Well done on the website, very immpressive work. Didnt know about it until   I came across it on a google search. Really enjoyed reading the whole thing and seeing the pictures. Ill definetly keep an eye on it.
      M McMahon -South Korea

      I looked in on your website the other night and I burned the proverbial
      midnight oil going through it - very well done and congratulations on a  very comprehsive and interesting site. You have spent a great deal of time  & effort on it and I conclude that every parish/area should have at least  one of you!
      Kindest regards & best wishes
      John McGarry (Dublin) 20/4/05

  I have been to Labasheeda a couple of times and have fallen in love with
the  place. I have found a cottage on the outskirts of the town that used to be
      a shop and a dance! many years ago. I would to find out who owns it as I
      think it deserves to be loved. I know there most be a cottage out there for
      me within a reasonable prise range. I also noticed that there was no shop in
      Labasheeda, is this the case. I would be grateful if you could help me in
      this quest. I am currently living in Shannon.
      Caroline O'Leary

      I very much enjoyed reading your February edition of Markham's. I am a  grand nephew to Berth and first cousin to David O'Halloran. I am enjoying  your site, it is a credit to you and your family.Brian P.Kelly
      Buchanan,New York (West.Co.)1/3/2005
 Hi Paul, website very informative, when is the T.V. station being launched? How's Jessie? ...Brian Kennedy (R.T.E)
 Mary Kelly (nee Reidy) sister of Cyril, John, Win, and Phil. Sends her regards and best wishes. Love the website.
 ......New York....23/02/05

Paul, thank you for all the up to date info. How is Jessie and Minnie?. Love the website. Regards, Phil, Pat & David - Lucan, Co. Dublin.
      Hi Paul,
      I hope you had a happy and safe xmas and new year.
      Someone in the family has said that our original Mathew Cunningham married a Mary McMahon of Kilmurry-Mcmahon. I am coming up against brick walls with the Cunningham side, so i thought i'd try and investigate the mcmahons.Apparently Marys mother gave a considerable amount of money for her  grandsonThomas to leave ireland for America but instead he came to Australia.. I know i have asked a lot of questions of you but Is there a mcmahon family  still living in Kilmurry-Mcmahon that has been there forever? Can you  please put me in contact with them so i can investigate this. Thank you
      Jo Barker (Australia)

Your website is fantastic! It shows so much research and provides a glimpse of what our forebears were involved in and makes us so much more appreciative of them.........Bob Reiser, Georgia (USA)....17/1/2005
Paul, Congratulations! that's an excellent website you have created. Hope you are staying well, keep up the good work.........Nick Downes,  (USA)......18/1/2005

Great website, enjoy the local news, best wishes..........Dolly & Sean Brogan, London.   8th January 2005. 

Hi Paul, Congratulations on an excellent website which keeps people at home and away up to date on all the news. Can I suggest that all regular visitors to your site send a contribution to you at Derryguiha, Kilmurry McMahon towards cost in maintaining website. I would suggest each person contribute the value of one hour of their own income……….Best Wishes, Pat Shannon, Cranny…..January 5th 2005

Dear Paul, I am in the process of locating my Grandfathers family. He was born in Shessive November 18, 1882. He came to the US in 1904. His father was Pat Collins a tailor by trade and his mother was Hanora Collins. I have seen in your notes that there are still Collins family living in Shessive. Could you tell me how I could contact them? I am planning a trip to Ireland this year to locate and hopefully the graves of my great grandparents. Your assistance is greatly appreciated………Dave Buckland, PO Box 467, Star, North Carolina 27356, USA………6th January 2005.


Dear Paul, we treasure the memories of a wonderful evening ride in a horse and trap in the middle of the mist with you and Eamon. Also, you and your parents honoured the famous hospitality by offering us a delicious evening meal. It was a magic moment and, to us, like going back to the old Irish ways in a farm with churns, turf and genuine human warm. Now, in this time of Christmas, when you recall your kins and friends we want to send you a message of peace and cheer. Please kiss your parents as if we were there. We wish you and your parents a truly happy Christmas and a New Year plenty of peace, love, health and sponsors for your website……….From Paco, Amparo, Gracia and Nuria (in Spain) 24th December 2004

Hi Paul, Jack and Mary and family….special blessings on you this Christmas and always from sunny Africa….all goes well here…quiet involved with the poor and I helped to feed 2000 prisoners a special Christmas dinner last Saturday and Sunday…hope you all keep well….will again help with the lighting of Christmas candles in your house on 24th Dec 05! If we all are alive…say Hi to Eily for me and all my beloved friends in Derryguihy, and Kilmurry and Coolmeen…prayers and good wishes to you all for happy New Year….Patrick Madigan (Br.) ……22 December 2004

Paul, Many thanks for the fantastic service you have provided over the year. Looking forward to following the development of your site in 2005.  Best Wishes, Des Murphy (Coolmee)…23rd December 2004.

Dear Paul, visits your website weekly, keep up the good work. Great for home news; for people living overseas........Gerry & Mary McNamara, Moyfadda, Labasheeda, 17/11/2004
Hi Paul I think you are doing great work, keep it up, and the pictures of the yacht trip are class!!.........Deirdre Conway, 16 Nov. 2004

Please send me your address so I can send you a donation to continue your great work.....Sue Reidy, New York, 15/10/2004
Congratulations on the website, you've done an excellent job on the Hickmans.....Shay Courtney, Dublin, 8/11/2004
Well Mr. Markham, ...I am very impressed and I will be keeping a close on it so that I can keep in touch with all the gossip/news. Can I be your reporter from the Dublin side???.......Ann Maria McMahon, 30/8/2004
Just visited your website for the first time, it is very impressive, keep up the good work......Pat Lorigan, 10/8/2004



Just a little note to let you know that there is not a day I don’t think about finding my Hassett family through your site on the internet. I tell everyone the story about contacting you and you leading me to my family that I have researched for many years….Thank you again for your help……JoAnne Maass, U.S.A., 29/9/2004

Well done on this site it looks very impressive, just here in New Zealand at the moment on a skiing holiday and I stumbled across your site very informative and detailed will definitely have to keep an eye on it. ….Fergal Cleary, 7/8/2004

I love your site which is full of wonderful information ….Claire Quinlivan, London, 26/7/2004

A fantastic website….Brigid Barton, (Australia) 22/6/2004

Excellent work Paul, love the pictures…Deirdre Conway, 21/6/2004

Hi Paul, you have a wonderful site……Kay McNamara, 29/6/2004

It was marvelous to take a trip down “Memory Lane” with this insightful website! Thanks for such a wonderful service. Mr. Markham, it is very much appreciated by all. I will recommend it to all of my family and friends. Thanks again, ……Patrick and Edwina Burke. 17/6/2004

Love the website Paul keep the good work up!…..Fiona Griffin 17/6/2004

Hello Paul! Firstly thank you very much for the kind mention and best wishes from both myself and Emma and also Fionnualla. Secondly I would like to say keep up the good work, this is a great way for me to keep up with events back home. Rest assured I shall let you know of our where abouts during our intercontinental voyage…..Michael Cleary, 15/6/2004

Congratulations PAUL I am looking forward to viewing your site. Don’t be surprised if have some questions…..John Deely, 1/6/2004

Great site, keeps us all up to date on everything locally – keep up the good work!!….Louise, 24/5/2004

We love looking at your news…… love Adair & Denis, New Zealand,  22/5/2004

Happy 1st birthday! ….Junior, 17/5/2004

Hello Paul, love your site…John ,McNamara….U.S.A., 2/5/2004

Great pics of the Un 16’s game….Joe Corry and Diarmuid Cahill, 29/4/2004

After having a good gawk at ur website I think its awesome!, cracking good stuff mate!, …….Peadar J. Marshall, 28/4/2004

Very interesting Paul, keep up the good work……. Derek Madigan, 28/4/2004

Thanks for all the local news, Paul. Great pictures. The Un 12’s look great. Up Coolmeen. Sincerely, Martin and Maura McMahon + family, U.S.A., 25/4/2004

This site is a fine tribute to a great part of Clare. I’ll be a frequent visitor from now on, ……Hilary Brooks, 21/4/2004

Jennifer Hogan, 30/3/2004

We very much enjoy your site. We have purchased my grandfather’ home at Ballyartney, Labasheeda and are very interested in the history of the area. Could you tell us how to obtain copies of your books. We are sure they would be most informative and interesting. Thank you……. John and Nanette McMahon, U.S.A., 7/2/2004

Paul, thanks for keeping us up-to-date in what’s happening…… Betty O’Halloran U.S.A., 3/2/2004

Fair play Paul, interesting website! …Mary Eustace, 15/3/2004

Finally visited your web site, Paul. It’s excellent – very informative. It must be great for the local people abroad to get all the news from home. Congratulations. ….Lila Downes, 29/2/2004

Uncle Paul, hope all is well back home, regards to all for me, all is well downunder!…..Trevor 28/1/2004

Hi Paul, Great site – great to see pictures/news from home – take care……Bruce Ryan, 28/1/2004

Paul, nice to meet you at the hunt in Labasheeda. My hunt report will be published in about 2 weeks time. As a journalist I depend on records to do my research for my writings, so I would like to compliment you on your excellent web site, it is a significant service to your community and all those interested in the rich history of such communities……..Noel Mullins – The Irish Field, 24/1/2004

I am so excited about this, I’ll get the news, the pictures and God knows what, this is great……..Betty O’Halloran (U.S.A.) 15/1/2004

Enjoyed this website, a lot of information in same, interesting……….Lucy Finn, 14/1/2004

Excellent site…especially like reading the ‘breaking news’ section. Keep it up!…..Anne-Marie McMahon, 5/1/2004

Sir Ken Markham, 1/1/2004

Interesting, informative and historical. It is a great tribute to your painstaking research over a long period. Keep up the good work…..Simon O’Donnell, 22/12/2003

Wonderful website. It’s so nice to see current local news and pictures when you are 3,000 miles from home…..Martin and Maura McMahon, 14/12/2003

Great website Paul, very attractive……Marguerite O’Brien, 8/12/2003

Halo! Here in Erasmus in Spain, very impressed with the site……..Sharon Connellan, 8/12/2003

Thanks for the pictures in Mitchells at nanas party….Sean McMahon, 6/12/2003

Congratulations on a great website, keep up the good work……Susan Neylon, 30/11/2003

Great site with good information, loved the pictures of Art O’Donnell and the letters from Con Colbert. Good job…….Dr Joseph M O’Donnell DDS, 12/11/2003

I got the web site from Simon O’Donnell, Art’son……Daniel Nealon, 10/11/2003

A complete success……Deirdre Carey, 4/11/2003

Well done, I’m really impressed with the site……..Olivia Markham, 1/11/2003

We were highly impressed with the history and photographs you have produced. You are a credit to your family and your Parish. Paul keep up the good work!…..Maura and Michael Frawley, 21/10/2003

Very, very good….Nora Malone, 21/10/2003

Good work well done……Adrian Casey, 21/10/2003

Greetings Paul: Well done and excellent site with lots of up-to-date info. Will put a link to your website on…….Charles W. Glynn / Kilrush Chamber of Commerce, 20/10/2003

Very interesting to read about our Grandmother’s family (Florence McNamara)…..the site is very well put together and it is good that it is updated regularly.

Well done. Keep it up!!!!!!……Irene Brooks, 12/10/2003

Fair play Paul, very impressive…….Brendan Corry, 9/10/2003

Great web-site Paul, Well done!….Fionnualla Cleary, 28/9/2003

Good stuff Sir Paul!!…..Noel McMahon, 28/9/2003

Hello…….Eamon  Power, 28/9/2004

Very impressed, being from Tipperary, it’s funny reading things about people in Clare that I actually know! I’ll definitely have another look cos I have to keep up with the goss in Coolmeen/Cranny. Great idea for people who are away from home, short or long term, keeps them in touch with what’s going on. Like the layout too, easy to access…….Collette Horan, 2/9/2003

I am trying to find my Irish relatives and I started with this website…I am sure that we are related and I am interested in learning more about the Markhams…….Joanne Jewett (Mother’s maiden name Markham) e-mail     31/8/2003

Good website Paul, very interesting………Caroline Cleary29/8/2003

Good job……Gerard Power, 13/8/2003

My family is from Derryguiha, it’s informative reading the information Paul has presented on the site. A great find……Tommy McNamara, 11/8/2003

Good one Paul……Alisha, 11/8/2003

Nice one Paul, I will keep an eye on the site……Michael Cleary, 6/8/2003

Tracing roots, my grandmother, Susan Hennessy was born in Labasheeda approx 1889 and came to live in America when she was 14 years of age, her father Terence was a tailor…..looking for relatives…..John E Brincko, 2003.  e-mail…

Hi Paul, found your website-its very good/interesting. Talk to you soon,….. Sheila McMahon, 11/7/2003

Good site Paul. …….Noel Kennedy, 22/6/2003

Good……Cheryl and Donal Markham, Brisbane, 16/6/2003

I acknowledge the work that Paul has done to put this website in place, it is a great achievement. Keep up the good work……Neil Markham, Limerick, 16/6/2003

Very well written and presented. Excellent…….Darragh Kelly, 9/6/2003

Well designed Paul, keep up the good work…..Angela Meaney (nee Bolton), 29/5/2003

Well done, a lot of information on site and no doubt a lot more to be added over the years ahead……..Sean Lyons, 26/5/2003

An excellent start to a new website, very informative and interesting. Well done Paul, keep up the good work………Emma Hanrahan, 23/5/2003

Very nice colours, very nice content…..Joan Markham, 15/5/2003

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