The haggard at Derryguiha once used to make the wynd of corn

Above we can view a picture of the limestone columns and circular cap stones once used for a stack of corn at Derryguiha. The limestone was cut manually, the columns  each weigh over 100kg and date back to the early 1800's. The corn was made in the shape of a wynd and stored on this vertical arrangement over the winter months. The advantage of the stack being raised ground level meant that the fowl and mice couldn't climb on. The wheaten straw was used for thatching the farm house or out offices.The straw was also used as bedding under farm animals.

May 2002 The MacNamaras' on Tour

Parents of Clare MacNamara (RTE) visit Labasheeda
In May of 2002 a coach load of MacNamaras stopped off at Labasheeda village, this was an organised tour as part of the MacNamara Reunion. The parents of well known RTE sports presenter Clare MacNamara were present.
Second from Left is her mother Babs MacNamara and second from Right is Clare's father Noel MacNamara. The MacNamaras are natives of Ardfinnan, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Their son is married to a Labasheeda native Maura O'Brien.

Daniel Markham (Knock) & Paddy Brennan (Tullycrine) pictued 60 years ago. Athletes and colleagues.

Brian and Liam Markham display their All Ireland Medals

Ollie Markham visited Derryguiha on his Harley Davidson FX Wideglide Reg. 80CE401

The Threshing Machine is now in the region of 100 years old and works to perfection. It takes three people to operate; one pedals while another feeds the sheaf and the third worker collects the straw. The grain is then removed for grinding using the quernstone.

In recent years the cylindrical bale has replaced the tram of hay, this season has seen an excellent hay season. This bale was one of forty made at Bohyodaun. In olden days Jack had the hay cut by horse and mower. After some days the the hay was tramed and subsequently made into a rick or winde of hay in the corner of the meadow.


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