Community Alert Meeting
A public meeting of Kilmurry McMahon, Cranny and Coolmeen Community Alert Group took place on Thursday evening 19th September in Kilmurry McMahon. There was a very good attendance with representatives from all townlands within the group area. At the top table were Superintendent Séamus Nolan, Sergeant Andrew Lacey and Garda John Cahill all of Kilrush district. Muíntir na Tíra was represented by James O'Neill. The meeting was highly constructive and positive with good views coming from the public in attendance. The main focus of the evening was on the ‘Text Alert' James O'Neill gave a detailed account of same, its many advantages, costs, sign erection etc!. Mr. O'Neill also covered details on the personal alarm and its importance to the elderly and vulnerable. Superintendent Nolan praised the work of the community and showed special interest in the community alert map for Kilmurry McMahon, Cranny & Coolmeen. The Superintendent, Sergeant Lacey and Garda Cahill took a number of questions from the floor. Sergeant Lacey reiterated the importance of Community Alert and Community Text to the rural Ireland. Garda John Cahill has put great work into the Community Alert Group which was set up less than twelve months ago. This is the fourth public meeting since its establishment. At the National Ploughing Championships the Garda Commissioner will officially launch the Text Alert Scheme. Meanwhile back at home our group will work on the database of phone numbers and those willing to participate in the scheme. Also attending the meeting were Garda Edel Burke and Garda Lisa O'Mahony. When the meeting officially concluded there was a period for intermingling and availing of literature with useful hints on crime prevention etc!. Superintendent Nolan informed the meeting that on Wedneday November 13th an open meeting will take place at Knockerra Hall and the theme will be Suicide Prevention.

Community Alert Map and Officers for Kilmurry McMahon, Cranny & Coolmeen

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